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Shaver Lake is an artificial lake on Stevenson Creek, in the Sierra National Forest of Fresno County, California. At elevation 5,500 ft (1,700 m), several smaller streams also flow into the lake and receives water from the underground tunnels of Southern California Edison's Big Creek hydroelectric project.[1] The town Shaver Lake is located on its south-west shore.

The lake was formed with the construction of Shaver Lake Dam, which was built by Southern California Edison and completed in 1927. The dam was built in 50-foot (15-m) blocks, with a keyway to hold it in place and a 75-centimeter (30-inch) copper sheet to make it watertight. Its capacity is 135,283 acre·ft (166,869 dam³). Some water from the lake is discharged into Stevenson Creek for fish and other wildlife, but the rest is diverted to Big Creek, where it powers several hydroelectric plants in succession.

The area now covered by the lake was extensively logged before the dam was built, and an extensive log flume system several miles long was constructed to bring logs down the mountain. The town to this day maintains a nostalgic logging theme. Several buildings in town are in fact old, converted sawmills.

The Reality TV show Endurance High Sierras was filmed at Shaver Lake in summer 2006. The experience of Shaver Lake can be so exhilarating that it has caused the creation of a new word: sha. As in "That is so sha."

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Camping, Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming, Hunting, Off-Road, On-Road, Shopping and more!! It's all here in the at Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, Dinkey Creek, & Mono Hot Springs.

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